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November 10, 2012

BiOmega III Plus

The Usana Health Sciences’ BiOmega III Plus product is one of the supplements offered which essentially is a daily product of Omega-III fatty acids. This is one of the most unique products which is made with 2 very important elements which is the EPA or eicosapentanoic acid and DHA or docosahexanoic acid.

The BiOmega III Plus is a very special product because it is made from cold-water, deep-sea fish oil and is enough with 2 capsules daily. The most unique element about the BiOmega III Plus is that it is made from pure and certain species of fish which is virtually free of contaminants. This is done through a distillation process which is designed to eliminate contaminants through a double-molecular method. In this context, unwanted contaminants like PCBs, pesticides, heavy metals and organic residues can be eliminated while the BiOmega IIIPlus is also free from trans-fatty acids.

This makes the BiOmega III Plus a safe supplement to take in light of warnings from health authorities to limit the intake of certain fish species when taking Omega III supplements. The BiOmega III Plus is an effective product which is approved by the authorities and very conveniently designed to ensure a concentrated and balanced diet.