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November 14, 2012

Procosa II

The Procosa II is one of the nutritional supplement products offered by the Usana Health Sciences company. Essentially, Procosa II is a product that the consumer can take to help improve their bone structures and to strengthen their body through the ingredients like glucosamine, which is a known remedy for strong bones.

Procosa II is developed with high level of glucosamine which helps in the supporting and maintenance of the cartilage while it also contains the COX-II made of turmeric. By combining these 2 ingredients, Procosa II works very well together to ensure that the body’s joints would have longlasting support. Apart from that, it also comes with vitamin C and manganese which are also essentials known for joint health purposes.

As known to many, glucosamine is a type of amino sugar that the body needs in the formation of important body parts like nails, skin, eyes, ligaments and bones, among others. Hence, it is a proven ingredient that the body needs to build and maintain its joint cartilage. The Procosa II would be an important supplement for people with osteoarthritis or any other bone-related problems while it is also beneficial for those with asthma, osteoporosis or any other skin problems.